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Amsab-ISH activities have been inextricably linked to the preservation of the archival heritage of the Belgian socialist workers movement since its inception. Amsab-ISH collected the records of the party, the trade unions, the health insurance funds and the cooperatives, and made them accessible. Its collections also include the legacies of persons taking an active part in these organizations and the records of radical left-wing organizations.

Amsab-ISH, affected by changes in society, broadened the range of its activities. It started archiving documents and items of other progressive social movements. Collections now contain materials related to the archival legacies of ecological movements, interest groups and groups involved in action for women, gay and lesbian rights, peace, the Third World, migrant rights, culture, etc.

Amsab-ISH collections include analogue and digital materials, books, brochures, newpapers, periodicals, photographs, sound-recordings, videos, posters, flags and iconographic materials. Amsab-ISH also preserves our immaterial heritage and makes access to it.

Last Updated Thursday, 25 March 2010