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Mouvement Syndical Belge 

Le Mouvement Syndical Belge was the official newsletter of the Syndikale Kommissie (Trade Union Commission) of the BWP in the interwar period. The aim of the newsletter was to publish articles and announcements of or about the Commission. The newsletter mainly targeted workers.

Le Mouvement Syndical Belge was the successor to Le Journal des Correspondances. Publication of the latter was interrupted because of the outbreak of the First World War. It resumed  in December 1918. At first, Het Korrespondentieblad appeared every two weeks. Later, it was published once a month.  

The newsletter kept members informed about the activities of the Commission(Belgische Vakbeweging (BVV) from 1937 onwards). It was a tool of the  Commission to present its views on major events in Belgium and abroad, and to announce congresses, etc.

In the 1930s thematic supplements were added, namely Travail et Droit (Labour and Justice)  and Le Jeunesse et le Mouvement Syndical (Youth and the Trade Union Movement). The editorial staff of the newsletter included prominent socialists such as Hendrik de Man, Arthur Jauniaux and Joseph Bondas.

The newsletter and the supplements were also published in Dutch: De Belgische Vakbeweging, Arbeid en Recht and De Jeugd en de Vakbeweging.

Publication of the newsletter and the supplements came to an end at the outbreak of the Second World War, in 1940.

The first issue of Le Mouvement Syndical appeared in December 1918. In 1919 it was published every two weeks in principle, but in practice publication dates were not very fixed. However, it did appear regularly, every fortnight, from 1920 tot 1927. It was published monthly as of the January 1928 issue.

The collection is complete except for one issue: the July 1932 issue got lost. However, a Dutch version of this issue is available for consultation (De Belgische Vakbeweging).  

Travail et Droit appeared from 1930 onwards. It was published four times a year until 1934; six issues a year were published from 1935 onwards.

Le Jeunesse et le Mouvement Syndical was published from 1933 onwards, though not a regular basis. Publication ceased prematurely in 1936.

The supplements are complete collections. Le Mouvement Syndical Belge and the supplements are searchable via OCR.

Le Mouvement Syndical Belge 1918-1940 (451 PDF's)