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Archiefbank Vlaanderen

Amsab-ISH contributes to establishing the Archive Bank Flanders, an online database of private archives.

Archive Bank Flanders establishes a central database of Flemish private archives. The aim is to comprehensively map this heritage and to contribute to the preservation and accessibility of archives of individuals, families and organizations. An online database -.the yellow pages - is available for consultation to the wider public since 2005. Archive Bank Flanders does not refer to itself as a repository. It simply registers archives and offers a search tool.

For the time being no legal provisions have been introduced concerning private law archives, while they are a valuable part of our cultural heritage too and potentially relevant to scientific research. The Archive Bank Flanders seeks to achieve higher visibility of these archives and tries to prevent them from getting lost.
Archive Bank Flanders collaborates closely with other partners. The database is being established together with these partners in the broader heritage sector and with everyone who cares for the archival heritage in Flanders.

Website Archive Bank Flanders

Last Updated Tuesday, 08 September 2015