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The Image & Sound Collection is the collection of photographs, films, sound recording media (the so-called audio-visual collection), posters, prints, flags, paintings, sculptures and other relics (the museum collection). This is a diverse collection and we handle it very carefully. Amsab-ISH has an excellent reputation for conservation and restoration skills.

The catalogue offers a survey of the different objects of this collection.

Photo collection

Fotos uit de catagus
Available for consultation via the catalogue (in the subcollection Image and Sound)
The photo collection consists of approximately 400.000 photographs. They reflect the daily routine of different leftist movements in Belgium from about 1885 up to the present day. These pictures were taken at meetings, demonstrations, May 1st parades, strikes, etc. The collection also contains photographs showing the living and working conditions of workers, social life, etc. They can be very amateurish as well as highly professional.

The photo collection owes much to the archives of the former socialist newspapers Volksgazet and Vooruit. Both are typical newspaper archives. They give an overview of what was interesting news in about half a century.

Furthermore, the photo collection contains the archives of two photographers, Karel Heirbaut and Frans Pans.
The photographs from the Variétés magazine archives are very special. Variétés was edited by Paule-Gustave Van Hecke. It includes pictures of photographers of great renown such as Berenice Abott, Germaine Krull, Eugène Atget, André Kertesz and Laslo Moholy-Nagy, among others.



Film collection

setfoto Dagblad Vooruit
Available for consultation via the catalogue (in the subcollection Image & Sound)

The film collection consists of approximately 3500 film copies and about 3000 video tapes. The term 'film' covers various things and refers to films that have been edited as well as to rushes. Films also fall into different categories: documentaries, movies, docudramas, propaganda films and film journals, made by professionals or amateurs.

The oldest films date from 1926. They were shown in so-called 'people's houses' (premises of the workers movement) and to small audiences, making use of a mobile projector. In the 1960s films were no longer presented in this way as they were shown on television. Amsab-ISH also holds the archives of SOM and STISO, two associations producing party political broadcasts and union broadcasts respectively.

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Poster collection

Affiches uit de catalogus
Available for consultation via the catalogue (in the subcollection Image and Sound)

This collection consists of well over 9.000 posters. A major part of them originated in the traditional socialist movement. They were distributed on special occasions such as elections, May Day celebrations, meetings, commemorations, etc. Amsab-ISH also holds posters produced by the Communist Party and  the Labour Party(maoist), and in addition to that it has many posters of all sorts of alternative organizations and 'new social movements'. The latter include peace movements, Oxfam Wereldwinkels, Third World solidarity groups, environmental movements, gay and lesbian rights movements, etc. Amsab-ISH also acquired some materials by donation, from Willy Wolszstajn and Werner Pans, among others. The oldest posters date from the end of the nineteenth century. Contemporary posters are being added each day.


Museum collection

Mariannebeeld Image
Available for consultation via the catalogue (in the subcollection Image and Sound)

The image and sound archive also contains an important collection of paintings, drawings, prints, caricatures, postcards, statues, flags, flagtops, signboards, pins, and all sorts of items or material relics. This is also very diverse collection, ranging from genuine works of art to all sorts of knickknacks which for some reason have historical value. The former certainly include the paintings of Louis Deltour and Jan-Frans Cantré, the woodblocks of Frans Masereel and the drawings of Fritz Van den Berghe.
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