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A very substantial amount of Amsab-ISH archives relate to the socialist workers movement. These archives include records of the party (Belgian Workers Party, Belgian Socialist Party, Socialist Party, sp.a), the trade unions (ABVV, ACOD, etc.) and the health insurance funds (NVSM, SVV, etc.), ranging from the higher levels of these organizations to the local branches. Amsab-ISH also holds the archives of sociocultural associations (Arbeiderstoeristenbond), specific target groups (Young Socialists, Socialist Women, etc.), and radical left-wing parties. Amsab-ISH archives also contain records of cooperatives (Febecoop, Vooruit, etc.). Key figures of the socialist party and militants donated their archives to Amsab-ISH.
Amsab-ISH has modified its mission and has covered a much broader field of research over the years. Our archives now include records of environmental and emancipation movements. Amsab-ISH holds archives of Agalev (green political party), action groups (VAKS, Groenkomitee Heusden, etc.) and environmental organizations (BBL, Natuurpunt, etc.).

Archives of emancipation and social movements contain records covering a wide range of topics including alternative press (APL, etc.), Third World issues (Oxfam, etc.), human rights (Steunpunt Mensen zonder Papieren), migrants (Odice, VCIM, etc.), solidarity (Eritrea Komitee Gent, KWIA, etc.), sexuality (Sensoa, etc.) and women (Dolle Mina, etc.). Records from persons involved in these movements are also kept at Amsab-ISH. Amsab-ISH also holds materials of organizations involved in action for gay and lesbian rights ( Suzan Daniël Fund).

The catalogue offers a survey of all archives handled by Amsab-ISH Ghent and Antwerp.

Last Updated Thursday, 25 March 2010