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Half of the General Assembly are historians, half are representatives of organizations.


Balthazar Herman, emeritus professor of modern history at Ghent University,  honorary governor of East Flanders
Beke Frank, honorary mayor of Ghent
Boeckx Arlette, inspector of social services
Bontemps Marc, director of Ecolife
Clauwaert Alain
, chairman of Algemene Centrale ABVV (trade union movement)
Copers Caroline, general secretary of ABVV (trade union movement, Flanders), chairman SERV
De Batselier Norbert, director of the National Bank of Belgium
De Smet Chantal, professor at Hogeschool Ghent
Devos Carl, professor of political sciences at Ghent University, chairman of the political sciences department
Deweerdt Denise, doctor of history, honorary chief custodian of the Royal Library of Belgium
Deneckere Gita, professor of modern history at Ghent University
El Khadraoui Saïd, master’s in history, Member of the European Parliament
Fernandez Juan, honorary trade union chairman
Geybels René, honorary national secretary Algemene Centrale ABVV
Ghysels Leo, head of department Oxfam (producers, research)
Hertog Peter, deputy of East Flanders
Heymans Frans, honorary chief librarian of Ghent
Hintjes Anke, spokeswoman for the Flemish network of associations speaking out on behalf of the poor
Leclercq Jan, honorary senator
Mertens Jacques, doctor of history, honorary head of department at the Public Record Office
Mestrum Francine, Attac Flanders, lecturer at ULB and Ghent University, interprete
Seeuws Willy, honorary senator
Speltdoorn Marnic, master’s in history, director of the marketing and communication department of P&V insurance company
Steenhaut Wouter, former director Amsab-ISH
Stessens Karel, chairman ACOD (trade union movement)
Turf Jan, policy coordinator Bond Beter Leefmilieu Vlaanderen vzw (ecological movement)
Van den Bossche Chris, secretary Socialistische Mutualiteiten West Flanders
Van Den Bossche Luc, lawyer
Van Hijfte Marie-Anne, civil servant of the Flemish Community (culture)
Van Peteghem Sylvia, chief librarian of Ghent university library
Vandenbossche Dany, former Member of Parliament (Flemish)
Vanderkindere Thierry, master’s degree in history, secretary of the socialist delegation in Parliament (Flemish)
Vanneste Luc, doctor of philosophy, chief administrative officer of Rijksdienst voor Jaarlijkse Vakantie
Vanthemsche Guy, professor of modern history at Brussels University (VUB)
Vanvelthoven Henri, doctor of history, professor at Hogeschool Ghent
Velle Karel, Keeper of Public Records
Verboven Xavier, honorary general secretary ABVV, honorary chairman ABVV-VLIG
Vermeir René, professor of modern history at Ghent University
Walgrave Stefaan, professor of political sciences at Antwerp University (UA)