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Internationale conferentie over de revolutionaire nasleep van 1917 in verschillende delen van de wereld, 9-11 juni 2016 in Hannover.

Uit de conferentiefolder:

1917 was an important year for historical change on a global scale - not only due to the American entry into the War and the Russian Revolution. The year can rightly be considered the turning point of the First World War and the foundations for the decisive structures of the short 20th century. Contemporary observers recognized these global connections very well. But in the historiography limited to the Nation State these global connections did not matter for decades. This has changed during recent years. New research projects have analyzed the transnational links between the innumerable revolts, rebellions and revolutions and the following violent reactions in all parts of the world. They have focused on the scarcely known incidents far away from the global "centers", investigated south-south relations and revealed new research potentials. The conference will unite these new investigations and open up space for dialogues.


Panel I: The Russian Revolution in Europe and Beyond
Panel II: Anti-Colonial and Anti-Imperial Movements
Panel III: The Role of Violence
Panel IV: Nationalist Movements and Transnational Connections
Panel V: Visions of Order  
Panel VI: Perils of Democracy
Panel VII: Cultural Manifestations of Revolution

Poster Session: Presentations by Young Scholars

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International Conference World-Counter-Revolutions: 1917-1920 From a Global Perspective
Organised by:  Prof. Dr. Stefan Rinke (Freie Universität Berlin) and Prof. Dr. Michael Wildt (Humboldt Universität Berlin)
Place: Herrenhausen Hanover
Date: 9-11 June 2016
Registration fee: no fee, please register on the website of Volkswagen Foundation

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